Planning Your Decking

Inspiration for your garden

Decking creates a stunning, usable space for your garden. It doesn't matter what space you have to work with either.

Ideal for outdoor entertaining, as a play area for the kids or simply somewhere to relax in the fresh air. It also offers an inspired solution to common garden issues, such as slopes, or spots where the grass won't grow.

The bonus with decking is that it is flexible, allowing you to extend, or update the features over time, as well as allowing you to work around fixtures such as trees or posts that you cannot, or don't want to, remove from the area.

How to Plan Your Deck

Don't worry! You don't need to be an architect to design your deck area!

Simply measure the area you need to fill and we'll help with the rest.

**Top tip **  If you're looking to entertain on your decking, arrange the garden furniture in that space to give you a feel of how it will work. Don't forget to allow room to move chairs away from the table.

Draw up a simple plan of your garden and mark where you want to build your deck area.

Where do you want to lay your decking?

If your decking is to fit around a garden feature such as a hot tub or pool, then your location is already set. However, if you have your pick of where to place it, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best site:

  • Is the ground level or does it have a noticeable slope? Level gardens offer the easiest conditions for laying decking. But even the most difficult or steep of slopes can work with decking.
  • How close is the site to your house? Decking can work well both adjoining your home and further away from it. 
  • How much sun does it get? The south-facing side of the house will offer the most sunshine, however if you're looking to avoid the sun, select a shady spot.
  • What's the view from the site? Perhaps you have a particularly stunning view that you'd like to look on from your decking, or the rear of your house.
  • How much privacy does the site afford? Does it offer you the privacy that you want from your neighbours and does it maintain their privacy from you?
  • Do you have any existing features to work around?

What Next?

Now that you have planned where the decking will go and how big it will be we can move onto the next step.

Please follow this link to read about how to place an order online with Main Line Timber and what you will need to consider.

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